Limited run of 420 per item.



EnPLainSight Road Map

Enplainsight is the creation of a group of artist and art lovers who have a passion for cannabis and want to add to advance and implement different ideas and energy in the emerging Space. Headed by artist Maksemo Wright & Aleksandr Wade (Chillist).

From having backgrounds in Big Productions to small batch events they have curated, they have each been a part of the Cannabis industry with experiences at all levels. Maksemo & Aleksandr will be screen printing/heat pressing all of their images themselves. The future is much bigger than just shirts and hoodies we have glass, sneakers, and more on the way for our boutique.

Maksemo a Musician, Emerging Painter, Writer, Creative Director, Actor, Cannbis Consultant, with franchise operational experience and Aleksandr who has experience as an Acrobat, Dancer, Creative Director, Sound Designer, and photographer under the moniker, Aul Nachural with a unique eye, will be applying all of their previous skills to tap into the energy they want to channel. Enplainsight is on the road to becoming something bigger than a Cannabis Streetwear Company.

There are already chains being linked to expand the future of this emerging brand. Bricks are currently being laid for Textiles, Media (Podcast, Short films, Educational Videos, Books) Smoke Shops, Hemp Farming Manufacturing, Produce Manufacturing, Trucking Delivery Service (Movement LLC) our emerging counterpart, Dispensaries in multiple states, Real Estate (for safe comfortable vacation lounges) (future utility use for potential NFT holders and much more.)